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How to grow your hair out if you are a man

Science has always suggested that bald guys look more intelligent, masculine, and successful. Modern society states that guys who have long hair are adventure seekers, creative, carry supermodel charm. It doesn’t matter if you are all about that man bun, lob, or surfer hair, it is safe to say that long hair is going to be around for a while.

First off, ask yourself if you are going to look good with long hair, because the reality is that not everyone can pull it off. If you have smooth or hair that has a slight wave, is going to look good on longer hair, but if you have coarse or curly hair just embrace it and don’t try to control it. You also need to take into account your lifestyle. Even if you are a white collar 9-5 guy, adding a man bun or surfer hair can add some character to your look.

Hair care is a major part of growing your hair out. You don’t need to wash your hair every day, because in truth it can damage your follicles. You need to avoid shampoos that have a lot of detergents and sulfates because the strip your hair of the needed oils to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Also, don’t brush or comb your hair when its wet. It is okay to do on short hair, but combing and brushing when its wet can overstretch the hair and make it fragile. Be sure to condition it so you don’t have to worry about split ends or breakage.

Be sure to check in with your stylist for a bit of a trim when needed and keep your locks looking amazing for any look that you are trying to pull off.

Buying An Allergy Pillow

While we usually shop pillows with comfort and support for the neck and head as the main goal, those who suffer from allergies may benefit from special pillows. There are pillows designed for those with allergies, that help lower your triggers and helps you get better sleep.

Below are some tips on what to look for when shopping for an allergy pillow, you should keep these in mind so you can get the best pillow for your needs. Let’s get to it:

The firmness – This is an important aspect to any pillow, and based on your sleeping position you may want a soft or firm pillow. Soft pillows are better for stomach or back sleepers. Medium firm is best for back or side sleepers. Firm is best for side sleepers.

You should have a protective casing on your pillow to keep the mites out. If you are looking into Armor Pillow brand, they already come with a cover so you would not have to worry about this. The cover is specially designed to reduce the amount of allergy symptoms you experience, and it helps you breathe more at night.

Armor Pillow offers various types of covers, including:

  • Allergy Armor Cotton
  • Allergy Ultra
  • Allergy Armor Bed Bug
  • Allergy Armor Classic
  • Allergy Armor Organic

No matter if you go with Armor Pillow or another brand, if you experience allergy symptoms through the night, getting an allergy pillow may be your best option

Why Tuft & Needle Saves the Day

I recently updated my pillow, and now I decided to update my mattress.  A couple of weeks ago I was on the way to the office when I got a call from my grandmother, she is eighty six and almost deaf, but she can sure scream on the phone. She yelled, Charley com to me there is an emergency and I need you! I tried to find out what it was but never got an answer from her so I decided to drive by just in case something really bad had happened to her. When I got there, she was sitting in her rocking chair with the ac at full blast fanning herself. He said the heat was killing her and she had not slept a wink because her mattress was old and she sank into it up to her nose. Grandma weighs a little over two hundred and fifty pounds and she is as big as a house and I felt sorry for the mattress. I calmed her down and promised to find her a new mattress by the end of the day hoping she would forget about it.

My visit to the mattress store

During my lunch break I went by a mattress store and decided to take a peek, the name of the store was Tuft & Needle, the name was a bit strange and there were not many mattresses in sight but I went in anyway. The lady there was very patient with me as she explained that their mattress was perfect for any weight because it had a firm support that would not allow my grandma to sink in and that the patented Adaptive Foam it was made off used graphite and gel to send the heat away from the body and out into the air through its specially designed cover which allowed it to breathe and release the hot air. I listened to her and wondered if it was all salesperson talk and then she threw in the punch.

Details of the Tuft & Needle deal

I will give you a free, no questions asked, one hundred day guarantee on this mattress and I will even deliver it for free. And then she threw the second punch, I will give you a ten year guarantee also. I thought for a second about this and decided that whether it worked or not I would have my grandma off my back for at least one hundred days and I would also get my money back if she did not like it so I went ahead and bought it. After work I came by and saw her putting the sheets on her new mattress, the old one was gone because she had convinced the delivery guys to take it away and she was happy as a bird. To make a long story short it has been six months and I have not heard any complains, I can even here her singing when I all call her every morning to find out how she is doing. Today she is sleeping comfortably and cool on her Tuft & Needle mattress, I just hope that she is still around when her ten year guarantee expires.

If you want to find out more about Tuft & Needle and whether there are any Tuft & Needle coupons, visit this page.

Why My Pillow reviews are the best

Are you ready to throw out your old pillow and get the My Pillow? My Pillow has made a pillow that many believe is suited for any type of sleeper, so is it possible that it actually holds up to these expectations? I decided to try one out for myself and really see.  So now you know why I decided to do a My Pillow Review.  Make sure you’re sleeping smart and you can get more info here.

What foam is used in the My Pillow?

The construction of the My Pillow is made with 100% polyurethane foam filling and an outer cotton cover. The foam that is inside is just your regular poly foam that has literally be put into a shredding machine. There are different sizes to this pillow and I just for the standard version which is 18.5 inches by 28 inches. There are also two feel or loft options when it comes to the classic My Pillow which are firm and medium. I like to have a medium feel pillow so that is what I went for.

The cover of My Pillow is made from 100% cotton. There aren’t any zippers on the pillow, so you can’t remove or adjust the filling on the inside. The stitching on the cover is really done well and I only found 2 loose threads along the seam but other than that it is done great.

When it comes to aesthetics, the cover isn’t anything really special. The My Pillow logo has been plastered all over the cover. Personally, I am certainly not a fan of the logo design or the cover. It has a really cheap feel to it and the style is similar to what you would find at a Wal-Mart.

How effective is the My Pillow?

The whole pillow, that means the cover and the foam inside is machine washable and you can toss it in the dryer to dry it. Part of the instructions for unboxing states to throw it in a dryer for about 15 minutes to really fluff the pillow up. Plus, if you throw a few dryer sheets in with the pillow, it will help to get rid of that chemical foam smell.

How does it feel?

The My Pillow gives a really soft feel, and once you lay your head down on this pillow you will notice that there is a decent amount of sinkage. The pillow will cradle your neck and head which gives you plenty of support, but not enough to be entirely uncomfortable.

The filling

Since I have stated that, the support isn’t something to really brag about. The fill leaves a lot to be desired. I am a side sleeper, and that makes the My Pillow a decent option, although I did have to fluff it and manually adjust the filling. When I tried to lay on my stomach for reading, the pillow was way too lofty. Even when I tried to spread the filling and mold it to make it work, it just didn’t work how I wanted it to. So, it is best for back or side sleeping. Since the pillow was a medium loft, it will support your neck and back while you sleep on your side or back, but not so much when you are on your stomach.

Does the pillow make noise?

Also, this pillow is not the quietest pillow out there. The cotton cover is a bit course and rough, so I made sure to put my favorite Minions pillow case on it. The type of finish on the fabric makes a rustling sound whenever you change positions, which leads to noise. If you have a partner who is a light sleeper like mine, then this level of noise can be a bit of a hassle.

Does it cool effectively?

The cooling part of this pillow was so-so. The shredding foam does a great job of allowing the pillow to breath, but the cover doesn’t really have notable air flow. Also, My Pillow instructions state that it is recommended to only use cotton covers on this pillow. They believe that if any other type of material is on the pillow, it takes away from the cooling properties. That isn’t something that I really have to worry about because I stay cold all the time, and I am constantly looking for things to keep me warm.  Their statement isn’t something that I agree with, but when it comes to cooling fabrics cotton isn’t the way to go.

Other resources:

The final My Pillow Review

After sleeping on this pillow for weeks, I have finally just come to the conclusion that yes, it is a good pillow, but there will be more expensive options that may be better. The only issue that I really found with this pillow is that it doesn’t work for stomach sleepers. Plus, the price is a bit steep at $50 per pillow, I did expect a bit more.

Overall, the My Pillow is a good pillow, but for that price, it could be a bit better.



Hairfinity Reviews – The Ultimate and EPIC guide

Let’s just be honest from the start, having great hair is one of the ways that you can really make an impression. No one wants to see thin, stringy, dull looking hair on that amazing body of yours. Your hair is what people will notice besides your face first. So, having healthy hair is a must and that is what Hairfinity can help with. There are so many people that have been ranting about Hairfinity stating that it not only helped them to grow their hair but it turned their bad hair days into good ones.

My Hairfinity Review

There are many hairfinity reviews online but this one is the best –

This is a product that has really been endorsed by some of our favorite celebrities such as Phaedra Parks and Kim K. When I first started hearing about Hairfinity, I was really skeptical because I was worried that since celebrities use it, it would be super expensive. I was wrong. It is actually a lot cheaper than Viviscal for Women. Before I went ahead and tried it I was wary and wasn’t even sure that it would work for me. I have naturally long hair, but it was super dull and after a hairdresser took off more than she was supposed to, I was bound to find something that would get that short hair off my shoulders and back down my back.  I’ll continue with my Hairfinity review.

I won’t lie, this company has a great marketing campaign that managed to get celebrities to promote the products and have people trying out this product right away. I was one of the people that jumped on the hair growth train.  To learn more about hair growth check

Hairfinity claims

Hairfinity states that they created the best supplement that can give you longer, thicker hair by helping to promote healthy hair growth as well as providing all the right nutrients to your hair from the inside out. It also claims that you can get this because of their Capilsana complex that has a really unique blend of 18 amino acids and plenty of essential vitamins.

It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, the truth is that everyone wants to have supermodel hair or even hair that looks its best on its worst day. When it comes to this beauty obsessed society, most of know that hair is a major part of our looks.

Keeping this in mind, you could be asking yourself right now if Hairfinity will make your hair healthier while it lengthens and grows your hair. There are so many reviews online, but I promise I did my research and tested the product so hopefully this review can shed some light about Hairfinity.


Now, when it comes to price, it will depend on how much you want to buy. I got mine from Amazon and I purchased a three-month supply for about $80 with shipping. Yeah, the price can be a bit steep, but the more you buy, the more you will save. If you purchase more than $100 worth of products, you get free shipping and sometimes they will even send you a special gift.

Hairfinity ingredients

According to Hairfinity’s site, this supplement uses the Capilsana complex which is supposed to provide 18 amino acids as well as special form of sulfur that are supposed to encourage hair to grow in a healthy way. It even claims that it is clinically proven to increase the elasticity and strength of hair, improve scalp health, and promote faster growth. So is it true? YES!

How does it actually hold up?

Hairfinity states that having a healthy body is the best way for your hair to thrive, and this supplement will give your body the nutrients that it needs to help hair look its best. This is what I found to be true.

Like I said I ordered my 3 months’ worth and although I was really skeptical, I kept an open mind. I was really curious to see if it does help to promote healthier hair and hair growth.

These vitamins are formulated to nourish your hair from inside out to help promote more vibrant, thick, and long hair.

Vitamins in Hairfinity

The ingredients do include Biotin, which helps to grow your hair and will protect your hair from drying out. It will also increase the elasticity of your hair, which helps to prevent breakage. It also helps to produce keratin which will help to prevent hair loss. It also contains Vitamin A which produces sebum in your scalp while Vitamin C is maintaining your hair and skin health. Niacin is helping to circulate Vitamin B5 that prevents hair loss. Vitamin D is keeping your hair from shedding which is really important to having a full head of hair. In order to maintain collagen and maintain elasticity of hair that is where Silica comes in. The Vitamin B complex is helping to support and nourish a healthy hair growth and scalp environment. If you have a deficiency in B vitamins, it could cause you to have thin hair, hair loss, weakened hair structure and even your gray hair. It also has hydrolyzed collagen which is supposed to contain MSM, 18 amino acids, and Silica which are the building blocks of having strong hair.

Vitamins are essential for shiny, full hair hair

Even though it can be a bit expensive, it is so worth it. According to the bottle, you have to take it twice daily. The best part is that within 2 months, I began to notice that my hair was longer, fuller, softer and even stronger than it was before. Even if your hair is growing at a really slow pace, you will see results in only 2 months.

Hair vitamins – side effects of Hairfinity

A very positive side effect was that my skin had a natural healthy glow and my nails began to grow out to be stronger and longer too. For the first week of taking it, I did have a headache after I took it, but that didn’t last too long.

Hairfinity Results

So when it comes down to it, Hairfinity is the best product for really growing your hair out and showing the world that this product really works to give you better looking, longer, stronger, and healthier hair.





How does the Bugaboo Frog Stroller Rank?

The Bugaboo Frog is a very classic type of stroller that has been a real popular item with celebrities and other people. The one thing you are going to notice about this stroller is the fact that it is called the Frog. This is because it has frog like suspension. This is one stroller that will have a lot of accessories and features and there are a lot of stroller configurations for this one. There are two 6-inch swiveling wheels and two 12-inch non-swiveling wheels.

The seat happens to be reversible and comes with a 3 position tilt. It also will accommodate a bassinet. The one thing that many people have issues with is that you have to remove the seat before you can even fold it or unfold it and it isn’t a simple process either.


  • Unfolded dimensions: 42 x 23.7 x 37 inches
  • Folded dimensions: 10 x 20 x 35 inches
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Seat: accommodates children up to 44 lbs and reversible
  • Safety harness: 5-point safety harness
  • Handlebar: Reversible
  • Wheels: Great suspension


The wheels are one of the best parts about the Frog Stroller as it helps to make steering quite easy. It is very easy to maneuver. Since the handlebar happens to be reversible, you will certainly find that the large wheels are able to be put in the front of the stroller which is great for pushing on those hard to ride on surfaces, but it could be a bit hard to steer this way. When it comes to maneuverability, it is very similar to the Peg Perego Skate.


The frame is made from some high grade aluminum. The quality is great and will take a bunch of abuse but the folding really sucks on this model.


Even though the seating height is lower and can’t be adjusted, the seat is good quality. All of the fabrics on this model are able to be removed and machine washed. Plus, the seat comes with a 5-point safety harness. The seat is completely reversible so you can either have your child facing your or facing away. There happens to be a bumper bar made of foam and it can get pretty dirty quick and it is hard to clean. The seat is made to hold a child up to 44 pounds, and it comes with a 3 position recline.


The biggest issue that I had with this stroller was the folding. There was little thought actually put into the whole folding process and the designers didn’t even try to use the stroller for any amount of time. The stroller can’t be folded until you remove the seat. Then the frame is folded by pressing buttons that are on the frame. The frame then can be lifted into your trunk and then you can place the seat in the trunk as well. It isn’t fun to do this especially when you are in the rain.


Like I mentioned before, the handle is reversible. It comes in handy when you are changing from being on a paved surface to a rough surface and vice versa. Once you flip that handle, you can have the large wheels in the front and the stroller has an easier time of going over rough surfaces without becoming stuck. It is best to have the small wheels in front on paved surfaces as the stroller a lot more maneuverable that way.


The frog has two large 12-inch wheels that aren’t swiveling and do not have suspension. There are then then the two smaller 6-inch wheels that have suspension and swivel. The suspension is where the name frog comes from. The suspension really works well and gives your child a smooth ride.


The best part about this that I have found is that the brakes are actually operated by a button that is located on the handlebar and it works quite well.

Shopping Space

The shopping basket is large and is under the seat but it isn’t easy to access. Although this isn’t the only issue. When the stroller is folded, the one thing that you will hate is that anything in the basket gets pushed out of it. This can be a real issue and annoyance when you’re rushing and you forget to empty the basket.

How does the Bugaboo Frog Stroller rank?

This happens to be a well-constructed stroller and it looks amazing. It comes in plenty of colors and it is quite useful if you are walking a lot and it works great on smooth or rough surfaces. Even though the biggest issue was the folding and unfolding. It is still good for your daily walks.



Testosterone booster benefits

Testosterone is a hormone that is created in the testicles and is meant for the development of male growth and masculine characteristics. Testosterone will often play a key role in the creation of muscle and strong bones, as well as causing the deep voices and it helps to create a sex drive. When you get a low Testosterone level, all of this can get thrown out of whack and this is where Testosterone boosters will come into play.  Make sure you find the best testosterone booster for your needs.

  1. T-Boosters will help your heart and blood.

Having a healthy heart will pump blood to your body which gives muscles and organs the oxygen it needs to have great performance. Plus, if you are anemic or have a low red blood cell count, Testosterone will cause your red blood cell counts to rise.

Less Fat and More Muscle

Having a lean body can help to increase your energy and help to maintain your weight. There is even evidence that using T-boosters can help to lessen fat and increase muscle strength and size. You get a better effect when you combine it with exercise and training.

Stronger Bones

Stronger bones can help to support your internal organs, which will help to support your muscles and boost your athletic performance. When a man ages, the Testosterone levels will drop, as well as the bone density. This can cause a weakening of the bones and even osteoporosis.

  1. Better Libido

Your Testosterone levels will rise when it comes to sexual arousal and even activity. When you are abstinent, your Testosterone levels will lower. More or less, the more Testosterone you have, the more sexual desire you will have.

  1. Better mood

Testosterone can help to boost your mood and even make you feel better. When you have low Testosterone you can feel sluggish and even moody. Using a T-booster can bring your mood to an all time high, and even go from a depressed mood to a happy one.

Those are just some of the benefits of using a Testosterone booster, but there are always risk of side effects when using them, such as fluid retention, increased urination, acne, and sometimes there are other more severe ones such as decreased testicle size and even breast enlargement. It is always best to talk to your doctor before starting any type of Testosterone Booster to be sure that it will not affect you in a harmful way


Hair wash & shampoo: Tips for your hair type

How often should you wash your hair? Which shampoo is best for which type of hair? And how to dry his hair gently? Learn all of the basic knowledge on the subject of hair washing.  We all want spectacularly long hair don’t we girls?  Well make sure to use a great shampoo which I’ll be going over below but also try some vitamins for hair growth such as Hairfinity.  It’s a product that has been raved about by celebs such as Kim Kardashian.  Check out Hairfinity reviews here.

Having a lot of oil in your hair can be really stressful, and not to mention really unhealthy for your hair. It is common for many people to have stringy or limp hair, even after you practice good grooming. Because of this, more often than you would expect oily hair, or greasy hair as it is commonly called becomes a real problem.

Oil is secreted naturally from the body and is found in oil glans, which are normally connected to hair roots. The natural oil is there to keep the hair shiny and oily. It also deals with the health of your scalp. For some of us, like me, the scalp begins to produce way too much oil than is really needed and boom… Oily hair.

Understanding why we have oily hair

There are some factors that can cause you to have oily hair and scalp.

1.Your Genes! It is very likely that you may have oily hair because your parents do. So, oily hair is hereditary.

2.Hormone Fluctuations! If you are on your period or using birth control, then you will most likely have oily hair. Teens will have hormone changes which causes oily hair.

3.Body Mass! If you are taking hormone supplements like supplements to increase muscle mass, you will end up with oily hair.

4.Fine Hair! If you have fine hair, you will also have more oil glands in your scalp. Thus, you are more likely to have oily hair since there is more oil being secreted into your scalp.

Washing your hair right and picking the right hair care

Washing your hair at the right times – if you have oily hair then it is recommended that you only wash your hair about 3 times a week. It is important that you avoid washing your hair daily because it can strip your hair of its natural oils and cause oil production to increase.

Check this out for the best shampoos for oily hair.

1.Use the right shampoos! You need to look for shampoos that are made for oily hair. You may need to experiment with various brands to find the best one. You can also ask a hairdresser about what you should use for your hair. Shampoos that have higher PH or alkaline are the best option. Clarifying shampoos are also good because they help to reduce the buildup of oily, but should not be used very often.

2.Rinse your hair well! Once you have finished shampooing, you need to be sure that you have rinsed it completely. You can even dilute apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in a cup of warm water and use it to rinse your hair. Warm water is best for rinsing.

3.Be sure to avoid conditioners! If you are washing your hair at least 3 times a week, your natural oils are plenty to condition your hair. Using a conditioner will just cause your hair to become greasy faster, which calls for you washing your hair more which causes damage to your hair.

These are the best tips that you can have about oily hair especially when it comes to shampooing it.