Buying An Allergy Pillow

While we usually shop pillows with comfort and support for the neck and head as the main goal, those who suffer from allergies may benefit from special pillows. There are pillows designed for those with allergies, that help lower your triggers and helps you get better sleep.

Below are some tips on what to look for when shopping for an allergy pillow, you should keep these in mind so you can get the best pillow for your needs. Let’s get to it:

The firmness – This is an important aspect to any pillow, and based on your sleeping position you may want a soft or firm pillow. Soft pillows are better for stomach or back sleepers. Medium firm is best for back or side sleepers. Firm is best for side sleepers.

You should have a protective casing on your pillow to keep the mites out. If you are looking into Armor Pillow brand, they already come with a cover so you would not have to worry about this. The cover is specially designed to reduce the amount of allergy symptoms you experience, and it helps you breathe more at night.

Armor Pillow offers various types of covers, including:

  • Allergy Armor Cotton
  • Allergy Ultra
  • Allergy Armor Bed Bug
  • Allergy Armor Classic
  • Allergy Armor Organic

No matter if you go with Armor Pillow or another brand, if you experience allergy symptoms through the night, getting an allergy pillow may be your best option