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How to grow your hair out if you are a man

Science has always suggested that bald guys look more intelligent, masculine, and successful. Modern society states that guys who have long hair are adventure seekers, creative, carry supermodel charm. It doesn’t matter if you are all about that man bun, lob, or surfer hair, it is safe to say that long hair is going to be around for a while.

First off, ask yourself if you are going to look good with long hair, because the reality is that not everyone can pull it off. If you have smooth or hair that has a slight wave, is going to look good on longer hair, but if you have coarse or curly hair just embrace it and don’t try to control it. You also need to take into account your lifestyle. Even if you are a white collar 9-5 guy, adding a man bun or surfer hair can add some character to your look.

Hair care is a major part of growing your hair out. You don’t need to wash your hair every day, because in truth it can damage your follicles. You need to avoid shampoos that have a lot of detergents and sulfates because the strip your hair of the needed oils to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Also, don’t brush or comb your hair when its wet. It is okay to do on short hair, but combing and brushing when its wet can overstretch the hair and make it fragile. Be sure to condition it so you don’t have to worry about split ends or breakage.

Be sure to check in with your stylist for a bit of a trim when needed and keep your locks looking amazing for any look that you are trying to pull off.

Hairfinity Reviews – The Ultimate and EPIC guide

Let’s just be honest from the start, having great hair is one of the ways that you can really make an impression. No one wants to see thin, stringy, dull looking hair on that amazing body of yours. Your hair is what people will notice besides your face first. So, having healthy hair is a must and that is what Hairfinity can help with. There are so many people that have been ranting about Hairfinity stating that it not only helped them to grow their hair but it turned their bad hair days into good ones.

My Hairfinity Review

There are many hairfinity reviews online but this one is the best –

This is a product that has really been endorsed by some of our favorite celebrities such as Phaedra Parks and Kim K. When I first started hearing about Hairfinity, I was really skeptical because I was worried that since celebrities use it, it would be super expensive. I was wrong. It is actually a lot cheaper than Viviscal for Women. Before I went ahead and tried it I was wary and wasn’t even sure that it would work for me. I have naturally long hair, but it was super dull and after a hairdresser took off more than she was supposed to, I was bound to find something that would get that short hair off my shoulders and back down my back.  I’ll continue with my Hairfinity review.

I won’t lie, this company has a great marketing campaign that managed to get celebrities to promote the products and have people trying out this product right away. I was one of the people that jumped on the hair growth train.  To learn more about hair growth check

Hairfinity claims

Hairfinity states that they created the best supplement that can give you longer, thicker hair by helping to promote healthy hair growth as well as providing all the right nutrients to your hair from the inside out. It also claims that you can get this because of their Capilsana complex that has a really unique blend of 18 amino acids and plenty of essential vitamins.

It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, the truth is that everyone wants to have supermodel hair or even hair that looks its best on its worst day. When it comes to this beauty obsessed society, most of know that hair is a major part of our looks.

Keeping this in mind, you could be asking yourself right now if Hairfinity will make your hair healthier while it lengthens and grows your hair. There are so many reviews online, but I promise I did my research and tested the product so hopefully this review can shed some light about Hairfinity.


Now, when it comes to price, it will depend on how much you want to buy. I got mine from Amazon and I purchased a three-month supply for about $80 with shipping. Yeah, the price can be a bit steep, but the more you buy, the more you will save. If you purchase more than $100 worth of products, you get free shipping and sometimes they will even send you a special gift.

Hairfinity ingredients

According to Hairfinity’s site, this supplement uses the Capilsana complex which is supposed to provide 18 amino acids as well as special form of sulfur that are supposed to encourage hair to grow in a healthy way. It even claims that it is clinically proven to increase the elasticity and strength of hair, improve scalp health, and promote faster growth. So is it true? YES!

How does it actually hold up?

Hairfinity states that having a healthy body is the best way for your hair to thrive, and this supplement will give your body the nutrients that it needs to help hair look its best. This is what I found to be true.

Like I said I ordered my 3 months’ worth and although I was really skeptical, I kept an open mind. I was really curious to see if it does help to promote healthier hair and hair growth.

These vitamins are formulated to nourish your hair from inside out to help promote more vibrant, thick, and long hair.

Vitamins in Hairfinity

The ingredients do include Biotin, which helps to grow your hair and will protect your hair from drying out. It will also increase the elasticity of your hair, which helps to prevent breakage. It also helps to produce keratin which will help to prevent hair loss. It also contains Vitamin A which produces sebum in your scalp while Vitamin C is maintaining your hair and skin health. Niacin is helping to circulate Vitamin B5 that prevents hair loss. Vitamin D is keeping your hair from shedding which is really important to having a full head of hair. In order to maintain collagen and maintain elasticity of hair that is where Silica comes in. The Vitamin B complex is helping to support and nourish a healthy hair growth and scalp environment. If you have a deficiency in B vitamins, it could cause you to have thin hair, hair loss, weakened hair structure and even your gray hair. It also has hydrolyzed collagen which is supposed to contain MSM, 18 amino acids, and Silica which are the building blocks of having strong hair.

Vitamins are essential for shiny, full hair hair

Even though it can be a bit expensive, it is so worth it. According to the bottle, you have to take it twice daily. The best part is that within 2 months, I began to notice that my hair was longer, fuller, softer and even stronger than it was before. Even if your hair is growing at a really slow pace, you will see results in only 2 months.

Hair vitamins – side effects of Hairfinity

A very positive side effect was that my skin had a natural healthy glow and my nails began to grow out to be stronger and longer too. For the first week of taking it, I did have a headache after I took it, but that didn’t last too long.

Hairfinity Results

So when it comes down to it, Hairfinity is the best product for really growing your hair out and showing the world that this product really works to give you better looking, longer, stronger, and healthier hair.





Hair wash & shampoo: Tips for your hair type

How often should you wash your hair? Which shampoo is best for which type of hair? And how to dry his hair gently? Learn all of the basic knowledge on the subject of hair washing.  We all want spectacularly long hair don’t we girls?  Well make sure to use a great shampoo which I’ll be going over below but also try some vitamins for hair growth such as Hairfinity.  It’s a product that has been raved about by celebs such as Kim Kardashian.  Check out Hairfinity reviews here.

Having a lot of oil in your hair can be really stressful, and not to mention really unhealthy for your hair. It is common for many people to have stringy or limp hair, even after you practice good grooming. Because of this, more often than you would expect oily hair, or greasy hair as it is commonly called becomes a real problem.

Oil is secreted naturally from the body and is found in oil glans, which are normally connected to hair roots. The natural oil is there to keep the hair shiny and oily. It also deals with the health of your scalp. For some of us, like me, the scalp begins to produce way too much oil than is really needed and boom… Oily hair.

Understanding why we have oily hair

There are some factors that can cause you to have oily hair and scalp.

1.Your Genes! It is very likely that you may have oily hair because your parents do. So, oily hair is hereditary.

2.Hormone Fluctuations! If you are on your period or using birth control, then you will most likely have oily hair. Teens will have hormone changes which causes oily hair.

3.Body Mass! If you are taking hormone supplements like supplements to increase muscle mass, you will end up with oily hair.

4.Fine Hair! If you have fine hair, you will also have more oil glands in your scalp. Thus, you are more likely to have oily hair since there is more oil being secreted into your scalp.

Washing your hair right and picking the right hair care

Washing your hair at the right times – if you have oily hair then it is recommended that you only wash your hair about 3 times a week. It is important that you avoid washing your hair daily because it can strip your hair of its natural oils and cause oil production to increase.

Check this out for the best shampoos for oily hair.

1.Use the right shampoos! You need to look for shampoos that are made for oily hair. You may need to experiment with various brands to find the best one. You can also ask a hairdresser about what you should use for your hair. Shampoos that have higher PH or alkaline are the best option. Clarifying shampoos are also good because they help to reduce the buildup of oily, but should not be used very often.

2.Rinse your hair well! Once you have finished shampooing, you need to be sure that you have rinsed it completely. You can even dilute apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in a cup of warm water and use it to rinse your hair. Warm water is best for rinsing.

3.Be sure to avoid conditioners! If you are washing your hair at least 3 times a week, your natural oils are plenty to condition your hair. Using a conditioner will just cause your hair to become greasy faster, which calls for you washing your hair more which causes damage to your hair.

These are the best tips that you can have about oily hair especially when it comes to shampooing it.