How to grow your hair out if you are a man

Science has always suggested that bald guys look more intelligent, masculine, and successful. Modern society states that guys who have long hair are adventure seekers, creative, carry supermodel charm. It doesn’t matter if you are all about that man bun, lob, or surfer hair, it is safe to say that long hair is going to be around for a while.

First off, ask yourself if you are going to look good with long hair, because the reality is that not everyone can pull it off. If you have smooth or hair that has a slight wave, is going to look good on longer hair, but if you have coarse or curly hair just embrace it and don’t try to control it. You also need to take into account your lifestyle. Even if you are a white collar 9-5 guy, adding a man bun or surfer hair can add some character to your look.

Hair care is a major part of growing your hair out. You don’t need to wash your hair every day, because in truth it can damage your follicles. You need to avoid shampoos that have a lot of detergents and sulfates because the strip your hair of the needed oils to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Also, don’t brush or comb your hair when its wet. It is okay to do on short hair, but combing and brushing when its wet can overstretch the hair and make it fragile. Be sure to condition it so you don’t have to worry about split ends or breakage.

Be sure to check in with your stylist for a bit of a trim when needed and keep your locks looking amazing for any look that you are trying to pull off.