Why My Pillow reviews are the best

Are you ready to throw out your old pillow and get the My Pillow? My Pillow has made a pillow that many believe is suited for any type of sleeper, so is it possible that it actually holds up to these expectations? I decided to try one out for myself and really see.  So now you know why I decided to do a My Pillow Review.  Make sure you’re sleeping smart and you can get more info here.

What foam is used in the My Pillow?

The construction of the My Pillow is made with 100% polyurethane foam filling and an outer cotton cover. The foam that is inside is just your regular poly foam that has literally be put into a shredding machine. There are different sizes to this pillow and I just for the standard version which is 18.5 inches by 28 inches. There are also two feel or loft options when it comes to the classic My Pillow which are firm and medium. I like to have a medium feel pillow so that is what I went for.

The cover of My Pillow is made from 100% cotton. There aren’t any zippers on the pillow, so you can’t remove or adjust the filling on the inside. The stitching on the cover is really done well and I only found 2 loose threads along the seam but other than that it is done great.

When it comes to aesthetics, the cover isn’t anything really special. The My Pillow logo has been plastered all over the cover. Personally, I am certainly not a fan of the logo design or the cover. It has a really cheap feel to it and the style is similar to what you would find at a Wal-Mart.

How effective is the My Pillow?

The whole pillow, that means the cover and the foam inside is machine washable and you can toss it in the dryer to dry it. Part of the instructions for unboxing states to throw it in a dryer for about 15 minutes to really fluff the pillow up. Plus, if you throw a few dryer sheets in with the pillow, it will help to get rid of that chemical foam smell.

How does it feel?

The My Pillow gives a really soft feel, and once you lay your head down on this pillow you will notice that there is a decent amount of sinkage. The pillow will cradle your neck and head which gives you plenty of support, but not enough to be entirely uncomfortable.

The filling

Since I have stated that, the support isn’t something to really brag about. The fill leaves a lot to be desired. I am a side sleeper, and that makes the My Pillow a decent option, although I did have to fluff it and manually adjust the filling. When I tried to lay on my stomach for reading, the pillow was way too lofty. Even when I tried to spread the filling and mold it to make it work, it just didn’t work how I wanted it to. So, it is best for back or side sleeping. Since the pillow was a medium loft, it will support your neck and back while you sleep on your side or back, but not so much when you are on your stomach.

Does the pillow make noise?

Also, this pillow is not the quietest pillow out there. The cotton cover is a bit course and rough, so I made sure to put my favorite Minions pillow case on it. The type of finish on the fabric makes a rustling sound whenever you change positions, which leads to noise. If you have a partner who is a light sleeper like mine, then this level of noise can be a bit of a hassle.

Does it cool effectively?

The cooling part of this pillow was so-so. The shredding foam does a great job of allowing the pillow to breath, but the cover doesn’t really have notable air flow. Also, My Pillow instructions state that it is recommended to only use cotton covers on this pillow. They believe that if any other type of material is on the pillow, it takes away from the cooling properties. That isn’t something that I really have to worry about because I stay cold all the time, and I am constantly looking for things to keep me warm.  Their statement isn’t something that I agree with, but when it comes to cooling fabrics cotton isn’t the way to go.

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The final My Pillow Review

After sleeping on this pillow for weeks, I have finally just come to the conclusion that yes, it is a good pillow, but there will be more expensive options that may be better. The only issue that I really found with this pillow is that it doesn’t work for stomach sleepers. Plus, the price is a bit steep at $50 per pillow, I did expect a bit more.

Overall, the My Pillow is a good pillow, but for that price, it could be a bit better.