Why Tuft & Needle Saves the Day

I recently updated my pillow, and now I decided to update my mattress.  A couple of weeks ago I was on the way to the office when I got a call from my grandmother, she is eighty six and almost deaf, but she can sure scream on the phone. She yelled, Charley com to me there is an emergency and I need you! I tried to find out what it was but never got an answer from her so I decided to drive by just in case something really bad had happened to her. When I got there, she was sitting in her rocking chair with the ac at full blast fanning herself. He said the heat was killing her and she had not slept a wink because her mattress was old and she sank into it up to her nose. Grandma weighs a little over two hundred and fifty pounds and she is as big as a house and I felt sorry for the mattress. I calmed her down and promised to find her a new mattress by the end of the day hoping she would forget about it.

My visit to the mattress store

During my lunch break I went by a mattress store and decided to take a peek, the name of the store was Tuft & Needle, the name was a bit strange and there were not many mattresses in sight but I went in anyway. The lady there was very patient with me as she explained that their mattress was perfect for any weight because it had a firm support that would not allow my grandma to sink in and that the patented Adaptive Foam it was made off used graphite and gel to send the heat away from the body and out into the air through its specially designed cover which allowed it to breathe and release the hot air. I listened to her and wondered if it was all salesperson talk and then she threw in the punch.

Details of the Tuft & Needle deal

I will give you a free, no questions asked, one hundred day guarantee on this mattress and I will even deliver it for free. And then she threw the second punch, I will give you a ten year guarantee also. I thought for a second about this and decided that whether it worked or not I would have my grandma off my back for at least one hundred days and I would also get my money back if she did not like it so I went ahead and bought it. After work I came by and saw her putting the sheets on her new mattress, the old one was gone because she had convinced the delivery guys to take it away and she was happy as a bird. To make a long story short it has been six months and I have not heard any complains, I can even here her singing when I all call her every morning to find out how she is doing. Today she is sleeping comfortably and cool on her Tuft & Needle mattress, I just hope that she is still around when her ten year guarantee expires.

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